My name is Cassandra. 

I lived in a midwest town my entire life and then packed up and moved to Los Angeles. My love for all things adventure won over the small town comfort i had. Traveling is something I love so much.


I'm looking for those same ADVENTUROUS people. The people that have a love for climbing through mud to get to that one epic location, laugh so hard tears roll down your cheeks, and don’t mind feeling a little crazy when i ask you to “drunk run” through a field together.


I am a Photographer and videographer. If you are searching for the complete package, i’m your girl. 


I want to be you and your love's third wheel. Watching people make out while i take photos or video is my full time job.

It doesn’t matter where you live or where you’re having your big shindig. I will come to you.


Let’s hang out.