My name is Cassandra. 

I lived in a midwest town my entire life and then packed up and moved to Los Angeles. My love for all things adventure won over the small town comfort i had.


I'm looking for those same ADVENTUROUS people. The people that have a love for climbing through mud to get to that one epic location, that wear a crazy outfit downtown in front of tons of people just for a styled shoot, or that write an amazing song and finally want to put it out in the world. 


I am a Photographer, videographer, and audio engineer. If you are searching for the complete package, here i am! 


Totally kidding. 


I am a kind, funny, sarcastic, pasta loving girl. I want to be you and your love's third wheel. I want to be the one who yells, "yassss girl! (or boy)" when you get that pose just right. I want to be the one that encourages you to keep going when you are recording your music.


Come hang out with me.